Health Benefits Of Jumping Rope

Perhaps when jumping ropes come to mind, it reminds you of the kids outside skipping ropes around their chalk filled sidewalks. However, when it comes to fitness, jump ropes are a very reliable tool. Not only is it convenient, but it has maybe pros rather than cons. Here are a few health benefits of jumping rope.
benefits of jumping rope

Strong Calorie Burner

Now, when we think of burning calories, we envision some sweat stained runner on the treadmill in their local gym sweating the pounds away. Jump ropes actually burn more calories than running in a given half hour. You can burn up to 1300 calories in an hour while performing intermediately speed jumps in a consistent fashion. Jumping rope can be the equivalent of running a seven and on half minute mile if done properly. There are actually entire fitness movements that are focused on jumping rope.

Improves Cognitive Function

According to the Daily Health Post, jumping rope and other aerobic exercises improve your memory and ability to learn new tasks. It also helps to make you mentally aware and improves your balance. Along with that, it is considered to benefit your cardiovascular health and aids in the prevention of a heart attack and strokes.

A Classic Stress Reliever

Tense muscles are no fun and just plain irritating. If you don’t want to feel that or the pain of a pulled or overworked muscle, ensure that you stretch prior to your workout. Even a small amount of time exercising such as 20 minutes is beneficial for your overall mental health. Slower exercises are also known to improve thinking and reduce the amount of thought processes that are negative or related to stress. The most efficient work outs for your brain are the ones that improve upon coordination, bone health, and memory.

Running around in your mind all day and overthinking all of your problems can not only be harmful to your physical health, but mental as well. While you’re skipping rope, you won’t really be thinking about your problems, you’ll be more so concentrating on doing the exercise right. As the exercise progresses, you’ll be more concerned with rest than your problems. This is not supposed to be in the sense of disregarding your bills entirely, but basically to show that you can not focus on them so hard and not let them stress you out.

Bone Density Improvements

Jumping rope often, helps create a certain strength training for your bones. This theory was tested with mice in a controlled type of study, it showed that mice who jump 40 times in a row develop a deeper bone density over time in comparison to others that had not. While your bone density is improved like when you do a light run on softer cement, with running that is not the case on your joints. Your joints cannot absorb the impact as well and that’s where jumping rope comes in because it’s less taxing on your joints and more beneficial to your bone density.