Calories Burned Jumping Rope: Fun Ways To Lose Weight

Some of us haven’t jumped rope since we were in our childhood days but did you know that tons of calories burned jumping rope means you could actually turn working out into a fun and easy routine. Jumping rope is an activity not to be overlooked as a powerful tool for exercise and burning calories and fat. It is great, and sometimes even intense depending on your tempo, form of cardiovascular exercise because it can be done just about anywhere you have enough space to jump around in! It can be an easy form of finding a natural groove with yourself and pace for yourself to get into shape, and can take out 125 calories burned jumping rope for just 10 minutes. If you’re looking for a comparison, a higher intensity jump rope workout routine at ten minutes is equal to jogging for thirty minutes. That’s pretty impressive!

calories burned jumping rope

Calories Burned Jumping Rope Depending On Your Technique

If you’re looking to burn calories and fat from your body while jumping rope, according to The Jump Rope Institute, the ideal rate for jumping is about 120 RPMs, which is actually 2 jumps every second. That probably sounds like a lot and you may be right – the high speed jumping is what pushes your cardio system so hard in just a few minutes, allowing you various techniques to achieving calories burned jumping rope. You can do this different ways and with different techniques, from side to side jump roping to “double unders” to knee-high jumps. These changes in technique will always give you some type of change in the calories burned jumping rope.

Maximizing Calories Burned Jumping Rope

It is definitely possible for you to take your jump rope exercising to a higher level, so that you can increase calories burned jumping rope and lose more weight and reach more intense goals through the same fun way through jumping rope. When you compare jumping rope to other types of working out that are popular for cardio, such as swimming, running, or tennis, the calories burned jumping rope per minute is simply higher than the others. The amount which you burn does depend on some other factors outside of how you are jumping rope, including your weight, height, nutrition and diet, how your body’s metabolism, and what kind of sleep you get. Those things all effect how your body handles caloric burning and fat cells. Finding your comfort level to get the very most of the workout for your exact goals and abilities, just means picking up your rope and trying things out to find your pace. You can naturally find the best way to maximize calories burned jumping rope for your body fairly easily with some practice.

More Than Calories Burned Jumping Rope

When you jump rope, there’s a whole lot more going on than the calories burning jumping rope just sliding off your body – there’s actually tons of beneficial things happening with your body that improves its overall fitness and wellness. When you jump rope, you increase the coordination greatly between your feet and hands. When you increase your hand-feet coordination, you’re actively stimulating both hemispheres of your brain at the same time, and can be a magical way for fueling your brain power for the rest of the day.