Catchy Jump Rope Songs for Your Jump Rope Fun

It’s summertime and the kids are running through the yards of the neighborhood, full of what seems like endless energy and a knack for asking what they can do so they’re not so “bored”. For kids who like to play outdoors – or a great way to get them outside for healthy activity if you have trouble getting them outside enough – then jump rope songs can be a really fun activity to get the kids into and helps with physical fitness too.

jump rope songs

Jump Rope Songs Classics

Jumping rope isn’t anything new, not at all! Along with this game of jumping rope by itself, came also the many, many jump rope songs that kids would jump and skip around on the school courts, parks and sidewalks to. Jump rope is a classic and so there are definitely some classic jump rope songs. The songs were almost half of the fun of getting everyone together to jump rope! The cool thing about jump rope songs and jumping rope is that even if they are rhymes that seem like they’re for kids alone, when the adults join in or older kids can also have just as much enjoyment from this old-school pastime, and doesn’t take much to do, just some clever jump rope songs to get the groove going, and the jump rope itself! Viola!

So What Are Some Classic Jump Rope Songs To Show My Kids?

If you’re looking for some good jump rope songs to help aid this fun outdoor (usually outdoor at least!) activity for children, you might not quite remember many of the classic rhymes from your own elementary days. To help you out, we’ve got some of the best songs for getting everyone singing along, keeping beat, and just having a better time guaranteed! The kids will love that you can teach them these and they’ll soon be sharing it with their friends and making their own memories with these catchy classics.

Down The Mississippi

This is one of the most well-known jump rope songs of 6-lines of rhythmic jumping revolving around how fast and slow the steamboats go – down the Mississippi! This is popular among double cutch jumping as well because it gives a chance for everyone to be their own steamboat and take a turn down the river.


Another 6 line long stanza for jumping, this type of jump rope song is a counting song. Counting songs of course involve some kind of counting out loud somewhere in the jumping. With this classic song, the lyrics ask how many doctors it takes to heal Cinderella, a snake kisser fallen ill. How many? The counting begins until the jumper messes up.

Fuzzy Wuzzy

All of these are classic jump rope songs no doubt! But those two show jump rope songs that can be a little bit easier, though they’re both great for groups. If you’re maybe by yourself challenging yourself or want to take jump rope to a new level but Fuzzy Wuzzy is jump rope songs that will help you do just that – a total tongue twister, jumping without jumbling up these words can be a tough one!