Jump Rope & Work Outs

Jumping rope for exercise can be a very effective way in burning calories and stabilizing your mind during a stressful time in your life. If you are serious about exercising and maintaining that shape that you desire then jumping rope can be your claim to fame – so to speak.

Jump Rope

Noteworthy Benefits Of Jump Ropes

On average, at a low speed, you can burn 10 calories per minute jumping rope. In 33 minutes, broken down into 10 minute intervals with a 1 minute break in between, you can burn over 300 calories, and that’s just at a minimum. Jumping rope is also a powerful way of becoming more agile. If you jump rope every day for just a few short minutes using the balls of your feet, your mind will be accustomed it and develop a new form of muscle memory to help stabilize balancing. Even if you’re not directly understanding it, your brain will help you react faster physically as well. Boxers like Floyd Mayweather have showcased their skills with jump ropes during filmed vigorous training sessions.

A solid benefit to using jump ropes for exercise as opposed to running is that it is easier on your joints. Pounding the pavement can be easily replaced by jumping room in an area of your house that’s carpeted of even on the cement because it is still less stressful on your joints. Jump rope exercising also increases the density of your bones. Improving cognitive function is also accomplished through jumping rope. Improving your coordination and rhythm, jump rope users are increasing brain activity by doing multiple jump rope tricks and enabling your brain to memorize activities both mentally and physically.

To make exercising even more spoon fed, there are some smart ropes that actually count your jumps for you. While that sounds like it may be inconvenient for your mind, it actually helps train your brain to be more accustomed to the time spent exercising rather than the actual amount jumped. The more jumped equals the more calories burned and so on. Jump ropes are also very, very cost effective for the benefits that they provide. Even the most expensive jump ropes only go for about $20 on virtually any market and that really beats a $30/month gym membership. Heck, even those of us that focus on running need to shell out for more shock absorbent shoes. That isn’t really the case with jumping rope due to the fact that it’s less damaging to your joints, as stated above.

One of the main annoyances with jogging or being a runner is that you have to deal with the weather issues or even a shady path that you might not feel like taking but have to because there’s no real work around. That brings up the fact that jump ropes are portable and can be used anywhere. Have a garage with a small space? Jump rope. Have a small room? Jump rope. It cannot be stated enough that you can basically carry almost any rope in your pocket.

Workouts For Everyone

The mental and physical benefits have already been mentioned above, but you may be wondering just what work outs would specifically be good for you. This specific work out is for those of us with a few more materials than others such as: Speed bag and heavy bag.

This specific workout is used to help you build muscle stamina and strength. It will be very taxing and you will need a good rest afterwards but the rewards are very large. First, we’re going to warm up with three sets of three minutes of jumping. Start out with a small set, then amp it up a little bit in the second, then for the third set put more effort in. Next, we’re gonna do three, three minute rounds of shadow boxing. Consider using a mirror to master your form. Try to use the same amount of speed used in the previous rounds of jumping in each round of shadow boxing.

Shadow boxing is more about rhythm and feeling yourself within the cardio aspect of the workout. Next up, we’re heading to the heavy bag. Same as before, except these rounds will be hard. These rounds will require you to put significant effort into. Start out doing that mixing it up with punches, knees, and elbows. Follow that up directly at the end of the third set with three straight sets of 10-20 push ups varying arm position. Then do three rounds of the maximum amount of pull ups you can do. These two steps are paramount for strength building.

We’re gonna end this workout with five sets of jump ropes. Do these last 5 sets at 4 minutes. Three minutes will be hard and one minute should be easy. Try to do some tricks to vary things up a bit, you will thank yourself late. After you’re done, cool down and have a relaxing stretch.

Popular Crossfit Workout

Most crossfit works are equipped with some catchy name but that really isn’t necessary and derives away from the point working out. There will be five sets in total for this work out. This workout will have you doing 10 reps less for each set that you do. There is also no rest between each set. You have to push through this the best you can.

We’re going to start with 50 double unders. If you have a hard time doing multiple, just do them individually the best you can. At the end of 50, lay right down and bust out 50 sit ups. Next, it’s back up and we’re going to do 40 double unders. Then drop back down and do 30 sit ups. Do this until you hit 10 reps total for each set. Make sure that when you’re done with this work out that you replenish your electrolytes and rest up because you will be feeling the burn.