Jump Ropes For Fitness

When you think of jumping rope you probably coordinate it with little kids counting loudly and jumping around in the commons yard at recess. But what you’re failing to connect is just how much energy it takes from your body to do a few sets with the jump ropes. The physical benefits are numerous and greatly outweigh any cons.

Jump Ropes

The first thing you’re going want do here is go and get a rope. So, head on over to your local department store and search the aisles for a jump rope. You’ll most likely find one in the area where the lightweight dumbbells and outdated fitness videos are. Don’t be fooled because jumping rope is a very modern and effective tool in losing weight, gaining muscle, and amplifying your stamina. If you can only find a child’s jump rope in the kiddy department, that will work just fine, and is actually sometimes more durable & easy to use for fitness purposes.

You can use your rope at 8 feet to 10 feet at length for optimal performance. You can trim the rope by pulling it through the opposite end of the handles and cutting it. Remember though, that if you do this that you cannot turn back once you cut it. So make sure that you’re at a comfortable length. Aim for a smooth surface such as a flat carpet, gym mat, or even concrete provided that it’s not cracked. You can use grass but make sure that there isn’t long grass, sticks, rocks, or anything else that you might land on while jumping.

Jumping rope not only helps you burn calories at a fairly stable rate, it also helps you improve your coordination. If you’re looking to be light on your feet and improve your speed then this is most definitely the exercise for you. In a variety of other sports that involve constant stopping and going, athletes tend to break their ankles or dislocate their ankles. What jumping rope does is it strengthens the muscles in your foot and the joints in your foot while improving your coordination thus decreasing the chance of an injury occurring.

It has been mentioned here that burning calories is one of the major benefits of this exercise. It has been revealed recently that jumping rope for an hour burns around 1200 calories, which is far more than jogging. Jumping rope at a moderate speed burns around 10 calories per minute and that’s just if you take it easy the entire time. If you increase your speed, you can burn up to 17 calories per minute. Aerobic conditioning is very important in the world of fitness and jumping rope, if done multiple times per week, will improve your overall heart and organ health.

If we have learned anything in the fitness realm it is that to get anywhere you have to put in significant effort. Everyone who does cardio is constantly searching for a mutually beneficial way to avoid running, and buying a jump rope that you will use regularly is just that.